Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Crayon Rolls

I made a couple more crayon rolls as Christmas gifts this year. This time I got to make them "girly" and it was so much fun!

Tablet Cover

For Christmas I made my mother-in-law a cover for her tablet (like the eReader covers I posted previously). Here is the final product - - - I think it was my best one yet!

Christmas PJ's

I really wanted to make Cole Christmas PJ's. I had visions of adorable little flannel PJ's with a button up top. . . .When I saw that Joann's would have flannel on sale for Black Friday, I decided to brave the lines and get some to make my Christmas PJ dreams come true. It took me a little longer to find the exact patttern I wanted to use, but I finally ended up with Simplicity 3584. The pattern wasn't as tough as I thought it would be, although I was scared of the collar! Overall I would say that my first attempt at apparel went pretty well!

Close up of fabric
Cutting out the pattern pieces

finished top

Top and bottoms

Final product!

Crafting with Liquid

So, it may not be "crafty" but I very much like to cook :) New recipes are always being tried in our home and we rarely eat the same thing twice in a month period. Recently, a neighbor brought us some extra pomegranates, there was so many that we couldn't eat them fast enough. The solution - - - pomegrante infused vodka! It may not be a "food" recipe, but it did turn out delish!

Pomegranate Rosemary infused vodka:

1 pomegranate worth of seeds (about 2 cups)*
750mL bottle of vodka
1/4 c of sugar
3-4 sprigs of fresh Rosemary
Mason jar with tight fitting lid (quart size)

Day 1: Combine pomegranate seeds, sugar and vodka in mason jar
Day 2 - 7: Mix the jar once daily (just shake the jar gently)
Day 8: Add in the Rosemary springs (you can also switch out the pomegranate with fresh fruit if you want)
Day 14: remove Rosemary (the rosemary can be very strong, so I removed it after a week to keep it from getting over powering.

Continue to let the vodka infuse. you can leave the seeds in or strain them out after a week or two.


* I recommend clenaing the seeds out of the pomegranate in a bowl of water. It makes clean up a breeze and keeps the juice, which stains, contained.

Pomegranate Rosemary Martini


Christmas Decor

To help spruce up our Christmas decor I purchased a couple yards of red and green plaid flannel and went to work. I ended up making table runners for our dining room table and a display table as well as pillowcases for a couple of the couch throw pillows. The plaid helped to pull the whole house togehter and was really warm and inviting!

Sewing a hem for the table runners

Display table

Dining room table (why didn't I push in the chairs before the photo?)

Plaid pillow case (our Aussie was a fan!)

Christmas Owl

I made these Christmas Owl's as gifts this holiday season. They are very easy, felt, owls and I typed up a little story about the Legencd of the Christmas Owl to go with them.

Tie Rack

So, I know its been a while. I have still been crafting away, just haven't had a chance to update the old blog.

Here is a quick solution I made for my husband's ties that are taking over our room. All I needed were a couple of silver adhesive hooks and a dowl rod. The photos are from the first day I was putting this together, since then we have upgraded to a stronger dowl rod (painted silver), so that there is no more bowing from the weight of the ties. This may not be the "craftiest" project I have ever done, but it was a qucik solution to a messy problem and has been working great!

"Before" picture of the ties hanging over the closet door

Hooks put in place on side of dresser

Dowl rod added