Saturday, September 29, 2012

Firewood Carrier

I found a project idea at that I have been wanting to try. The project is a canvas firewood carrier, which would be a perfect addition to our wood burning fireplace tools! I decided to follow the Joanns directions to a "T" (almost) and the final product turned out fairly nice (would have been better if my sewing machine wasn't having stitch issues!) and will be great to use once our weather cools down - - at this rate that could be a while.

The only adjustment I made to the original project was to sew the dowel rods into the pockets instead of letting them be loose.

I have a great remnant of burlap and am considering making a second carrier, that is narrower (since our wood is cut to about 14" lengths) out of the burlap :)

The wood is completely enclosed in the carrier, which means my clothes will stay clean when bringing in wood!

Side view

I think a narrower carrier would fit better in our log rack . . .

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  1. Wow this is LOVELY! I so MISS a real wood burning fire place!!
    Have a GREAT day and Happy Halloween!!!