Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Tree Skirt

I really want to make a new tree skirt for our Christmas tree. Our current one is a red velvet that, while pretty, is like velcro to pet hair and with 2 dogs and a cat it gets pretty furry fast! I found this tutorial from SewTeacher.com and used it to make a new skirt using fabric I got a great deal on during a Veteran's Day sale. Following the directions exactly I ended up with a nice looking, casual, tree skirt.

Some changes I will make on future skirts:

1) The tutorial must use decorator fabric size bolts. Using a standard 45" fabric bolt produced a tree skirt that is a little less than 4' in diameter. Because of its size I am probably going to donate it, along with my old tree, to a friend (since the old tree is a very narrow tree, the skirt should fit beautifully underneath. My new tree is very wide and you wouldn't be able to see the skirt at all!)

2) The tutorial doesn't mention using a walking foot, but I may next time just to help my bottom fabric move at the same interval as my top fabric.

3) I think I will try to add ribbon on the cut edge so that the skirt can be secured around the tree (or maybe buttons??). As I mentioned, I have a cat, so it is important to have a secure tree skirt or it will end up across the room.

As a side note, I used piping as a finishing touch to the skirt I made (my first time using piping) and I love the results. Such a nice clean look!

Here are pictures of this first attempt at a tree skirt. Hopefully I will find some decor fabric I can use to make an even bigger one, if not maybe I will try the ruffled tree skirt (or the new sew variety here)look that is becoming so popular . . .

Total project cost about $7
Finished Project.

Piping :)

Close up of fabric - cute and casual!

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